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+About Us

Reaching beyond full potential + building a positive self-perception. 

We are a Kailua-based company focused on Functional Interval Training to improve mind-body strength, endurance, and coordination. We value movement quality over benchmarks. We pride ourselves on the scalability of our programming. The workout meets you where you are today. It can be done by a beginner or a high-level athlete. Recovery is just as important as the workouts, and this is built into any program we implement. 

Stretch Flow

Fascial Stretch Therapy™, sports massage, taping, among other modalities with Brittani Lum Ho. Visit us @ CrossFit Hawaii in Kakaako on Wednesdays or in Kailua on other days of the week. Hours dependent on availability.

+ Our Services

Group Fitness Classes

TU & TH: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

SA: Group Hike/Walk

SUN: 4:30pm-5:30pm

Stamp cards & all access passes available.

Contact us for more information or for interest in personal fitness or sports-specific training.

Catalyst Online Fitness

A free 8-week fitness program. Great for beginners & a convenient way to kick start your fitness. An activity outlined for every single day.


+ Free Catalyst 8-Week Fitness Program

Movement Demonstrations

Step-by-step video tutorials on 30+ movements & their variations. 

Core - Skill - Strength

These C - S - S sessions are short in duration & low-intensity but pack a punch with the core work. 

Main Workout

Time-based, high-intensity intervals. Push hard rest when you need to. Do as many reps as possible, but move well and improve day to day and week to week!