Stretch Flow

Fascial Stretch Therapy™
+ Sports Massage

The body has the innate ability to heal itself. Pain in the body is a caution, or warning, signal, but not necessarily the site of the problem. The goal is to listen to what or where the body needs some attention in order to restore balance. Sessions with Brittani involve a combination of utilizing Fascial Stretch Therapy™, sports massage techniques, and/or other massage tools to work actively WITH the client to help rebalance the tension in the body. Sessions will include an intake form conversation, manual and/or visual assessments, treatment, re-assessments, re-education with functional movement patterns, and kinesiology tape/self-care stretches or exercises. Be sure to bring or wear comfortable athletic clothes as the session will not be a traditional, "relaxation" massage. Each session will be individualized for each client and based on where in their own progression they are. Brittani believes in bringing awareness and education through her treatment sessions. If you are ready to work with Brittani to improve your activities of daily life, free up movement in your body, and feel better, then contact us today!


"Hi there, I just wanted to give a big shout out to Brittani! I came to see her with pretty bad neck pain and limited range of motion. In my one hour session she methodically worked away my issues with no pain! The next morning about 90% of my pain was gone and my range of motion was almost 100%! I've never been so satisfied with a massage in my life! It was evident from the way that she worked that she is very knowledgeable and that made me feel very confident and trusting in her abilities. I'll definitely be back. Thanks Brittani!"

Bess Knoebel

Military Mother