FIT Core

Temporarily Suspended

A strong and stable foundation facilitates fluid movement. Rotational movements, gymnastics basics, posture assessment, and pelvic floor exercises will be dominating these days. 

FIT Strength

Tuesdays @ 5:00 PM

Strength days focused on resistance training & skill development. Each month will cycle through a different movement pattern.

FIT Partner WOD

Thursdays @ 5:00 PM

Grab a partner to sweat with! These are metabolic conditioning days focused on agility, balance, & coordination combined with dynamic power movements. 

FIT Chipper

Saturdays @ 7:30 AM

You have a mountain of movements to do. It might make you overwhelmed at first, but focus your attention on the task at hand and chip away rep by rep. Soon enough, you will have made it to the top!

HIIT & Flow

Sundays @ 4:00 PM

Build up your energy system adaptations with a total body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout followed by a mobility and meditative flow.

Sharon Billingsley

FIT Happy Hour is amazing. Yes, I know that I need to work out regularly: cardio, strength, flexibility. But I’ve never been good at the “regularly” part.
The brilliance of FIT Happy Hour is the Happy Hour part: spending that hour regularly working out with folks who have become friends.  We sweat, laugh, and cheer each other’s accomplishment.  The workouts are always fresh and designed so that each person can gain maximum benefit, no matter what their level of fitness or athleticism.  
I am more fit and happier than I ever would be without the camaraderie and excellent coaching I find at FIT Happy Hour! I even get up early on (most) Saturday mornings for FIT HH!

Nani Kalai

Aloha…My name is Nani Kalai & I’m 58 yrs of age, and it has been 6 yrs for me.  What an awesome experience that is both fun and rewarding.  Fun thanks to my workout sisters, brothers, and coaches who inspire and encourage me every day.  Rewarding in that although I have lost some weight (20 lbs.), I have been able to maintain my current weight and I feel like I’m a lot stronger. I would like to think that I am now trading body weight for muscle mass.