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Moderate Activity

Lots of fun options are provided for you to choose from to do on your own. These are DIY days, so have fun with it! This includes any type of activity requiring you to move around using 40-70% of your energy. Shoot to do an activity continuously for 25-50 minutes twice per week.

Examples of Moderate Activities: Walking, hiking, biking, frisbee, swimming, etc.

The more moderate movement you do throughout the day, the better. Movement in general reduces stagnation in the body, which can result in immobility, pain, and disease. Our bodies were designed to move, not sit. So get moving!

  • Walking at a moderate or brisk pace.

  • Walking for pleasure; walking the dog; walking during a work break; or hiking.

  • Bicycling outside or stationary bicycling.

  • Calisthenics – light; yoga; gymnastics; Rowing; Stair climbing.

  • Weight training and bodybuilding using free weights.

  • Boxing – punching bag.

  • Dancing.

+ MA Options

  • Tennis or table tennis.

  • Golf – wheeling or carrying clubs.

  • Softball; basketball (shooting baskets); or coaching sports.

  • Volleyball – competitive.

  • Playing frisbee; juggling; curling; cricket; badminton; archery; or fencing.

  • Downhill skiing or ice skating.

  • Swimming; treading water; diving; aquatic aerobics; water skiing; snorkeling; or surfing.

  • Canoeing; rafting; sailing; paddle boarding; or kayaking.

  • Horseback riding.

  • Playing on playground equipment; playing hopscotch, 4-square, dodgeball, T-ball, or tetherball; skateboarding; or skating.

  • Gardening or yard work; or Moderate housework or home repair.

  • Actively playing with children or pets.

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